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One Shot fic

Title: Listen to Your Heart

Rating: R, for slight cussing, slight violence and boy/boy inuendo, basicly to be on the safe side.

Written by: Mija

Disclaimer: Do Not own Naruto and company, or the lyrics or song to Listen to Your Heart.

Summery: Sasuke's Pov on the events the lead to him leaving to Orochimaru, and his feelings about Naruto. Loosly based on a song called Listen to your heart, I dont know who sings it wish I did, great song, have although altered some of the lyrics and addes things to it so that it may fit the fic better, hope that is ok. Also loosely based on an amv of Sasu/Naru I saw with this song, it was beautiful, Im still new to the whole LJ fake cut thing so will give ya the link to where it is on my LJ hope its acceptable. Ty Mija.

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