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naruto_boy_love's Journal

Naruto Couples!
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I made this place after i saw the NarutoxSasuke kiss, Recently i brought the series and began noticing lots of oppertunities for Yaoi Pairings, so many, and they work so well. I wish that if you join this place you enjoy your stay, and any problems, dont hesitate to tell me.
A few rules if your stay is to be stress free, sometimes the rules can be broken, for that i will not kick you out, as long as they arent serious breaches:

1) You make an introductory post

2) When you post a fic you have to warn what it entails

3) If making icons, LJ cuts are required (Which i bet you guessed)

4) No stealing work! If its not yours, dont take it!

5) Don't pick on other members! If you do,I'll give you a warning! *Gasp*

Basically, if you follow the rules (even though they're really basic) everyone will be happy, and if you dont follow the rules i bet i'll forget ... Uhhh.