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Umm I hope this works, I havent figured out the link fake cut thingy yet

ok so umm here is the fic I have been working on about Iruka and multiple pairing with him, it starts off with the betrayal of Mitzuki and goes from there, I dont know how to fake cut and add all the chapters in one shot so umm sending the link to where I have them on my journal so far there are 6 chapters, remebmer the latest is at the top the first at the bottome so read from bottom to top..i think, anyhow its not beta-ed or spell checked since I dont have that, so my spelling sucks but other than that I do hope you enjoy this and thank you guys for the warm welcome, I hope you like the fic somewhat, ty, btw any help with the fake cut and stuff would be greatly appreciated, ty, huggles and smiles Mija..


let me know if this link does not work...
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